11 April 2011

Hang on a second... isn't that the premise...

...of that brand new CBC sitcom?

" -- TORONTO -- A Filipino family has been spared deportation because of a lack of medication in their homeland for two boys who suffer from a life-threatening nut allergy."
Now, I'm no lawyer.... but it seems to me, this decision blows Canada's immigration gate right off its fragile hinges.

Just think, for a second, about the so-called third world. Rampant disease, tribal & ethnic violence... dictatorial repression.

If you consider any of these things to be more serious than a peanut allergy... then hasn't the Federal Court of Canada just dismissed all the criteria we have previously used to screen anyone who shows up on our doorstep and claims refugee status?


Dave said...

Not to sound cold, but folks I know who are allergic to things tend to avoid doing stupid things, like say putting stuff that could kill them in their mouths. I believe they learned that from their parents, after scaring the bejesus out of them by swelling up one day like a blow fish after eating "something new".

Does the concept of personal responsibility not weigh anything anymore?

Neo Conservative said...

i think the larger point here should be... is peanut allergy" going to be the new baseline for overriding immigration law?