26 April 2011

Obviously... Ontario gets it...

...but then again, they've been sheep-dippered once before...
ontario numbers

The Nanos poll released Monday also suggests the Liberals are trending down in vote-rich Ontario, showing their lowest level of support (29.3 per cent) since the start of the current campaign.

That leaves them trailing well behind the Conservatives (47.8 per cent), but ahead of the NDP (16.9 per cent) and the Greens (5.4 per cent).
Sorry, Peace Moonbeam... no NDP miracle here.

Two words... Bob... Rae.


fernstalbert said...

Just to be cheeky (pun intended when trashing Rae), he must regret the jump into the deep end of the Liberal slough. Is he longing for the friendly waters beneath the NDP pier? lol Cheers.

burpnrun said...

The Big Con.

Subtitle: How I Learned to Live with the NDP's Higher Taxes, and Love It!

A quickie primer on Jack's (or Iggy's) promises and costs. Fast read, depressing conclusion. Some macabre humour in between: http://burpnrun.blogspot.com/2011/04/big-con.html