18 April 2011

Just another reason...

...to vote Conservative...

"Step one is to weaken the country, have a weak government in Ottawa, and that is another reason why Canadians, we believe, must choose a strong, stable, national Conservative majority."

Harper was responding to comments made by Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe, who said the two conditions for another referendum on Quebec separating from Canada are Bloc representation in Ottawa and a Parti Québécois government in Quebec.
And what does Professor Zinfandel say?
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff denounced Harper's remarks as fear-mongering to gain votes at a "town hall" event in North Vancouver.
Remember... he didn't come back for you... or Canada.

And just like his buddy, Barry O... if Iggy gets his hands on the levers of power... we're all gonna pay for it for a very long time.
"The federal government posted its largest monthly deficit in history in February at $223 billion, according to preliminary numbers the Congressional Budget Office released Monday morning.

FUN WITH NUMBERS: Hey... how about PM Duceppe?
The election could produce a Bloc-friendly result in a number of ways. For example, the Bloc could win 60 seats, the Liberals 58 seats, the NDP 40 seats and the Conservatives 150 seats, five short of a majority. The result would surely provoke the greatest political crisis in this country since 1926.

If Mr. Duceppe were the leader of the Official Opposition, the Governor-General would be obliged to turn to him as the “second try” party in the House. On what grounds could he not?

Mr. Ignatieff could escape his reliance on the Bloc only by first gaining, in alliance with the NDP, the absolute security of 155 seats: 42 more than the two parties held at dissolution.

The contribution of the NDP to this result would determine precisely how many cabinet posts Mr. Ignatieff would need to give to NDP Leader Jack Layton.
I wonder how the military would fare under Defense Minister Olivia Chow.


Anonymous said...

Don't give quebec a chance to separate , we should vote them out under OUR(Canada's) terms. Leave the Canadian currency and passports,take YOUR share of the national debt with you and don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

Never forget it was the Liberals who gave Official Opposition status to the Bloc. Reform had two less seats, and the Bloc became the Official Opposition even though it can never be prepared by itself to replace the government.

Neo Conservative said...

how long you figure it'd take for the aboriginal population to inform emperor gilles they were separating from quebec?


Alex said...

I seem to remember somewhere Gilles arguing that Quebec as it is currently laid out would have to secede whole-cloth and a bunch of aboriginal leaders begging to differ. Quebec minus, say, the James Bay Project and, oh, I don't know, large swathes of the Eastern Townships, etc, isn't a very attractive nation for King Gilles I.

Anonymous said...

looks like things are aligning for "winning conditions"

Jan said...

To be concerned is right. My bank has advised that if there's a liberal government our retirement account could drop back to the level it was at the bottom of the crash. It finally just got back to the pre-2008 level so I am very nervous.
Corporations are paying attention and are poised to act according to the outcome of this election. I remember when the NDP was elected our provincial gov't in B.C., for example. Vancouver looked like a ghost town after corp. and business moved to Calgary, where there were less taxes.