25 April 2011

What professional journalists...

...apparently cannot ever do... you know... call things by their proper names...

incident, huh?

"Fifteen-year-old Toronto resident Klayton Wynter died Saturday evening at an area hospital after "AN INCIDENT" in the mall's parking lot."
So that's what we're callin' it these days... "an incident"?

'Cos what I'm seein' here is murder with a CAPITAL M. Some sociopath tore into this kid so extensively that he bled out and died. No "incident", no "misunderstanding"... just murder.

Why would you soft-pedal this story? This is, in fact, every parents worst nightmare come true. I know this. I am the father of a fifteen-year-old boy.

Don't try pretty this up, Tamara. Put down your thesaurus. Call this thing by it's proper name and perform a valuable public service.

We stop being horrified by murder... gawds help us all.


UPDATE: Teens killing teens
On Tuesday, homicide detectives announced that one suspect, 15, was charged with second-degree murder in the region's sixth murder of the year.

The suspect's name can't be released under provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.


Lynn said...

Perhaps the incident was merely an accident.

The disadvantaged youth who allegedly did this will have his taxpayer-funded lawyer plea this down to manslaughter,as the fellow probably had no idea that multiple stabbings can be deleterious to one's health.

Look for a three year sentence with double time for the eight months in remand,followed by four months of "hard time" and the rehabilitated youth will be out to become the model citizen he really is.

And,yes,I just about gagged typing that.

DMorris (just as pissed off at the "justice system" as you are)

Anonymous said...

The goal MUST be not to be horrified, at anything. This reactivity is what CAUSES murder, what CAUSES rape. To meet violence with violence, discrimination with discrimination... how long will we have to tell the foolish among us that this line of "crime and punishment" thinking is what causes our problems to begin with.

There is no partisan aspect to this. Nothing religious. This is what the universe itself states: nothing. There are no rules. There is nothing that is good or bad. This illusion is the first step to the world we see now. That is what must change. Fear of death and the unknown generally. Our emotionally-tangled reasoning and social management systems.