30 April 2011


community clinic

"Is a man who can't tell the difference between a proper massage therapy clinic and a brothel smart enough to hold any position in government, let alone be PM or Leader of the Opposition."


Rich said...

So was it at 1:30 AM...and (now) at a 'community clinic'?
Interesting work schedule.

fernstalbert said...

Can I get a pedicure and foot massage from my favourite salon at 1:30 am? NOT!!! The ladies at my salon work from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm Monday to Thursday - late on Friday is 9:00 pm. They then go home to their families. Cheers.

Dwayne said...

The media will help him by not showing pictures of the "establishment"... one can hope that Sun TV will put them to shame and show the lies for what they are.

Rich said...

Heck, you are lucky if you can get medical care at a hospital at that hour.

(I know...I know....or any other hour!)

Neo Conservative said...

to be fair to jacko it was 9:30pm.

hmmm... not exactly the most popular time for legitimate medical therapy at a community clinic, methinks.

wouldn't you just love to see the expense claims for this stuff... accompanied by fancy "velvet touch massage parlour" letterhead no doubt.