30 April 2011

Hang on a sec... we give bail to terrorists?

No such thing as a bad boy, anymore...

-- BRAMPTON -- A Toronto security guard, Mohamed Hersi, 25, who is accused of terrorist activities was released on $200,000 surety at Brampton court on Friday.

The University of Toronto health sciences grad was arrested last month as he was about to board a flight at Pearson airport to Egypt and then Somalia.

He was charged with planning to participate in terrorist activities and counselling another person to do the same.

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...to a neighbourhood near you...
-- Marrakesh, Morocco -- Most of the dead were foreign nationals - among them French, Dutch and Canadian tourists. At least 20 more were injured.

The bomb exploded at lunchtime in the well-known Argana cafe on the main square.

LAST WORD: Bright lights, big city...

...never a long gun registry around when you need one...
Police are investigating after a man in his 20s was shot dead inside an Etobicoke apartment building Saturday morning.

Police were called to a building on Bergamot Ave., near Islington Ave. and Rexdale Blvd shortly after midnight.

It is Toronto's 21st homicide of the year.

UPDATE: Homicide victim id'd
The victim has now been identified as Jordan Telfer, 21, of Toronto.


Anonymous said...

The problem is the hug a thug judicial system in Canada that let these clowns out. I guess if he doesn't skip the country we can expect another law suit and cough up a couple of million$$$ for a wrongful arrest,and stepping on his human rights etc.

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

"rob c says... the hug a thug judicial system in Canada"

no such thing as a bad boy anymore, i guess.