22 April 2011

Ask Professor Zinfandel

"This is the list of the 10 Most Sophisticated Electorates in the World According to Michael Ignatieff. Quebec goes at the top. Michael Ignatieff can fill in the rest."

UPDATE 17:00:

Just back from the local advance poll... that's 2 more votes for Conservative incumbent Daryl Kramp. Scrutineers say the word is that Prince Edward & Hastings Cty. stations have been quite busy.


Frances said...

Advance poll at our church hall and line stretched down the stairs around 2 pm.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm out in the sticks... they told me there were 200 people out that morning at the community hall.


Anonymous said...

My next door neighbours and I voted on Good Friday. We live in a Liberal riding. The only satisfaction we get out of the whole process is that three different couples called the Liberal campaign office for a ride to the polls. We get some preverted pleasure out of the Liberals doing that for 6 CPC votes, LOL!!