06 January 2011

Oh, you slimy irony-deficient hypocrites

Redefining Liberal chutzpah.


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Of course, Scotty... everybody knows, CTV is just a Neo-Conservative mouthpiece...

"I throw up in my mouth every time I read this kind of crap, and remember, your boy, Iggy, would not have been cheering for the Canadians."
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"You're full of shit. You conservatives will believe anything won't you."
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 9:09 AM, January 07, 2011

LAST WORD: Funny how that works
"The words "Chretien appointed Liberal" appear exactly zero times."


robins111 said...

How about the Consevatives write a cheque right after the libby's pay back the "Ad-scam" money and we get to jail Moe Strong for the oil for food thiefing.

Neo Conservative said...

adscam... what's that?

once again, the left leaning media give iggy a boost up onto his high horse.

sun tv can't get here soon enough for me.


oxygentax said...


So if the Economic Action Plan website having a Tory blue color is worth $45 million, what do you figure the CBC being the personal mouthpiece of the Liberal party is worth?

Seriously though, if this is the best that they have after 5 years of Tory governance, they're screwed in the next election.

Dance...dance to the radio said...

e,I saw a comment that said that the Conservatives should stop hiding behind AdScam as their knee jerk reaction to everything.

Hey, Liberals, pay the fucking money back and then we can forget about it.
All is not forgiven through negligence and time.

You still owe the money.

See, that's the difference between.
Conservatives will pay their debts.
Liberals won't.

Anonymous said...

the conservatives pay their debts?

Really. Did Mulroney pay back his?

You're full of shit. You conservatives will believe anything won't you.

Kring said...

Anyone else remember Jack Layton and Michael Ignatieff being EXACTLY who they were during the hockey final of the Winter Olympics -



That is a video of Layton in a bar pushing a woman out of the way to get his face on TV after our game winning goal. The other is Ignatieff watching the same game, in suit and tie, sitting up ram-rod straight with an awkward smile pasted on his elitist, effete, and disengenuous gob while flanked by a bevy of red and rose win drinkers.

And Liberals like Scooter Tribe squeal about Harper and TSN?