02 September 2010

Never a gun registry around...

...when you really need it.

-- Fish lake, B.C. -- “People are willing and ready to defend our lands. As one of my elders had said when we were going through the panel hearings, she will be there on the road in her wheelchair. She will have her shotguns and she will not move."

“We are willing to sacrifice our lives."
And apparently anybody elses' who oppose them. Nice.

Try this sometime with a few of your middle-aged, non-aboriginal friends. You're upset about, say... your municipal taxes... just threaten to shoot the mayor of your city.

Then sit back and see how long it takes for the local SWAT team to show up at your house... and drop you like a crazy ex-girlfriend.

So my question is... when will the RCMP confiscate the firearms of people who are threatening to shoot other citizens?


Sammy said...

Quick! Someone check the gun registry!

Neo Conservative said...

i dunno, sammy... i'm betting there's an aboriginal, wheelchair-bound exemption in there somewhere.