17 September 2010

The first thing we do...

...is hang all the lawyers, er... judges...

The Ontario Court of Appeal has upheld rulings that said denying two chronic alcoholics long-term support payments would violate the province's Human Rights Code.

The Ontario Disability Support Program had argued over the years the men should be ineligible for benefits because their sole impairment was severe alcoholism.
And now that the precedent has been set... get ready to generously subsidise the lives of every stinking, miserable stumble-bum who ever panhandled you on your way down Yonge St.
It rejected arguments the men should instead collect welfare, which would require them to look for a job and get help with their alcoholism.

Welfare payments would be about half of what recipients receive in long-term disability.
I fear for my country.


PS: Whaddaya figure it'll cost...

...to give every crack-whore in East Van a "disability" pension?


Rich said...

In the future, please issue a "Bungee Alert" at the top of such stories.
The top of my head blew off !

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...


When you sort of digest the whole pile of garbage, it comes down to this:

Alcoholism is a "disability", because it is a "disabling condition" that "substantially restricts" working ability.

Because the Ontario Human Rights Code prohibits discrimination based upon a disability (even if self-imposed) you cannot discriminate against a person based upon that disability.

Hence, if you don't want to work, but can't get by on welfare, start drinking like a mutha*****, and then get in line for disability money.

In other words, if you are a street person, the LAST think you want to do is kick your drug or alcohol habit.

Welcome to McGuintyland.

Welcome to the logical result of hading the reigns to the Liberals.

Robert G. Harvie, Q.C. said...


Sorry, but I have to repeat this on my own blog.

It's just too stupid not to warn others about.

Anonymous said...

Alcoholism is not a disability or illness, IT IS A WEAKNESS

Rob C

BDFT said...

Why would women be eligible for disability payments and not men? Or am I not reading this right?

Anonymous said...

Working in HR, I have seen this in action and sometimes it is just sickening and there is not much that can be done as the courts rule. The idea is that alcoholism and drug addiction is now seen as a disease and 'not the person's fault.' When the alcoholic or addict is employed the it is inferred that it is the employer's fault - at least to a degree. In some cases it is, if the person works a very high stress job etc, but there is not test and I doubt it can be proven easily. The good thing about all of this business is that it is work for HR and administration, the insurance companies and much temporary employment. So in a way it creates jobs, but lowers employer's profits too. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Lawyers and judges are all elitist scum.

Who cares what sort of dumb ass decision the courts make? HA! The peasants have to pay for it!

Neo Conservative said...

it's this sort of thing that makes more & more people veer sharply to the political right...

Mayoral candidate Rob Ford has a commanding lead in the race for the city’s top job, a poll being released Sunday says.

The results of the Nanos poll show the Etobicoke politician is easily outdistancing his rivals, political sources say.

“My polling has him (Ford) at 46% and that has been steady for two weeks. Polls go up and down and there still is five weeks until the election,” said Ford spokesman Nick Kouvalis.