26 September 2010

Bright lights, big city...

...never a gun registry around when you need one...

Police are looking for a suspect in an early morning shooting that sent one man to hospital in critical condition on Sunday.

Police say a Canada-wide warrant has been issued for the arrest of Tsegai Ghebreiziabiher. He is wanted for attempted murder, robbery with a firearm and discharge of a firearm to endanger life.
No word yet from mayor Miller's office... on which gun club Mr. Ghebreiziabiher belongs to.


UPDATE: When it rains, it pours...

From Bloor & Shaw... to Scarlett Rd. & Eglinton...
Toronto’s 41st homicide victim of 2010 was identified Sunday as a young Etobicoke resident.

Homicide detectives said the lifeless body of Dori Sanaj, 21, was found Saturday in an apartment building garage stairwell at 500 Scarlett Rd., near Eglinton Ave., around 6:20 p.m.

Police are seeking public help in locating a suspect who was reported leaving the building through the front lobby.

He was described as a 5-foot-10 black man, with a medium build. The suspect had a short Afro hair style and was dressed in black, including a hoody and jeans.

No doubt Toronto Police are busily consulting the Long Gun Registry... looking to round up local farmers, duck hunters and skeet shooters for questioning.


Anonymous said...

Neo.. Is it just me or does that name NOT sound Irish Anglo Saxon??

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

isn't it kind of moot what his name sounds like?

i'm thinking, what really matters is whether he chooses to act like a canadian... or a rampaging mongol.


CJ said...

The victim's name is Albanian, FWIW.