19 September 2010

Waiting for PETA... to declare a fatwa

it's mainly because of the cruelty

The RSPCA says all meat produced from animals that have not been stunned before slaughter should be clearly labelled so that it can be easily identified by consumers.


Anonymous said...

as a newf would say, them byes from peta are sum stunned.

Unca Ted's nephew said...

Considering that PETA kills the vast majority of the pets that unwitting people given to them to "rescue", they haven't a moral highground to look down from.

This sidesteps the most important thing: Meat killed in a manly way simply tastes better.

Frances said...

I understand kosher killing is similar. No doubt it was the most humane way possible way back when, but we have progressed. Both groups should be told that killing aware animals is NOT ON!!

Greg said...

So to be safe, always order the pork.

Neo Conservative said...

note this isn't about the quality of the meat.

this is an issue that boils down to personal ethics.

i wonder however, how many inveterate lefties will shelve their loud protests about cruelty to animals because of the prevailing current of political correctness.