25 September 2010

A reader writes...

"Meanwhile on this blog NOT ONE WORD is written about the staggering over ONE BILLION spent on the G20."

"You're all fine with that, you see no need to hold our current government feet to the fire."
Nope... not true. There are any number of things that many Conservatives are really unhappy about. Go read Small Dead Animals or Jay Currie... or Kathy Shaidle.

You'll get an earful.

For myself, I'm way less concerned about a one-off deal designed to show off Canada to the G20 and G8 contingents... than, say... the 12 billion dollars that we pound down the black hole of the aboriginal reservation system every single freakin' year... to absolutely no effect, I might add.

Or the fact that the left-leaning factions in this great country are willing to piss away 2 billion taxpayer dollars pretending that making life difficult for perfectly law-abiding farmers, duck hunters and skeet shooters... will in any way, shape or form affect inner-city urban handgun crime.

Whatever happened to "One People, One Law?"

You wanna know what really pisses me off? Warehousing irredeemable scumbags like Clifford Olson or Paul Bernardo for the rest of their natural lives. My Conservative Party would bring back the noose.

In any case, my friend... you really think Stephen Harper was running around choosing fabrics and individual projects for this shindig? You think he personally told the various police forces how to set up security?

I think it's way more complicated than that.

Let's not forget there is a vast, securely entrenched bureaucracy in this country that pulls many of the levers that incinerate our tax dollars.

Don't even get me started on the Senate... a completely partisan payoff for political cronies of the ruling faction. You might as well call it "Bagman U". But hey... which party is actually talking about Senate reform? I'll give you a hint... it doesn't start with "L".

The Conservative Party, like any other political organisation, has it's own problems... but it's certainly disingenuous to equate Jean Charest's "alleged" tampering with the judicial process to money spent on the G20 & G8 summits.

Anyway... in the interest of fairness... please forward me the link to your blog or website and I will post it right here. Why just be an anonymous troll when you can strike a blow for the revolution?

I await your reply.


UPDATE: A reader replies... 27/09/10

Of course, not to supply the link to his blog or website... but to whinge about what a meanie (I've toned down his actual rant) I am.

Gotta say... I should've started moderating comments years ago.


In the meantime, I leave you with the words of the immortal sage O'Rourke...
Most government abuse of power is practiced openly, and much of it is heartily approved by The Washington Post editorial board and other such proponents of the good and the fair.

But any time the government treats one person differently than another because of the group to which that person belongs - whether it's a group of rich, special-interest tax dodgers or a group of impoverished, minority job-seekers - individual equality is lessened and freedom is diminished.

Any time the government gives away goods and services - even if it gives them away to all people equally - individual dependence is increased and freedom is diminished.

Any time the government makes rules about people's behavior when that behavior does not occasion real and provable harm to others - telling you to buckle your seat belt or forbidding you to publish pornography on the Internet - respect for the individual is reduced and freedom is diminished.


oxygentax said...

If you feel that Canada should increase its standing on the world stage but you complain about the costs of hosting the G8/G20 summits... you might be a liberal.

If you feel that Canada should increase its standing on the world stage but complain about the purchase of equipment for the military... you might be a liberal.

Neo Conservative said...

again... it's a pj day...

"And not one of these children has ever written a letter to Santa Claus saying, 'Please bring me and a bunch of kids I don't know a pony... and we'll share'."


maryT said...

And every dollar spent will be taxed by either the supplier, producer, restaurant, hotel, car rental agencies and individuals. Al lot of that tax money will be returned in April 2011. Except for the police salaries as they will all be taxed in the province of residence Dec 31, 2010.
And the money was spent, not given out in taxable brown paper bags to influence liberal ridings in you know where. The gst paid will be sent to the govt very soon from those filing quarterly.
Win win all the way around.
Or, would the doubters rather we be like India and the CWGames.
And these were one time expenses. Not bottomless money pits that go one for years, aka the LGR and reserves.

arctic_front said...

I love your libertarian side, Neo... all freedom-loving people have at least a bit of that... it's too bad that this kind of thing has been beat out of us over generations. I wouldn't call myself a true libertarian in the classical definition, but I like to think I lean that way. Conservatism in Canada is way too watered down and meaningless. Liberalism, in it's 'classic' form is not so bad either... but when you put the big-L label in front of it.. it smacks of simple graft, corruption and socialism. Where does a classic liberal/conservative/libertarian go these days? Obviously Harper is the lesser of the three, but he could do better as well.

Chris said...

Hey now, the Chiefs of Police like the billion spent on the G20 security, and we must always defer to the Chiefs in these matters.

Right Liberals?

oxygentax said...

"If it saves just one life..."

Oh wait, that was about a Liberal waste of twice that much money, wasn't it?