24 September 2010

Hmmm... I guess it's a "Liberal" thing

How big do your balls have to be... to walk into a court of law and start quoting the "unwritten rules"...
those liberal rulesOf course, we're talking about a guy who is so Gumby-like flexible... he could comfortably spiral from one side of the political spectrum to it's distant & diametrically opposed ass-end.

And now... here comes boring old Bellemare actually dragging out those pesky "written" rules & precedents...

According to the lawyer of former justice minister Marc Bellemare, whose allegations of judge-rigging by Liberal Party fundraisers led to the inquiry, the Premier’s involvement constituted a breach of the confidential process that must be followed in nominating a judge.

The rules clearly say that the names of the candidates, their resumes and personal information must remain confidential. The information is kept by the co-ordinator of the selection committee,” Jean-Fran├žois Bertrand said.
Well, slap me with a shovel... what sounds more plausible here?

Yeah, yeah, I know... we're talking about Quebec. I'm not gonna get my hopes up.



quebec corruption
"Apparently Macleans has a cover story that is really making Quebec mad. Says Quebec is the most corrupt province in Canada."


maryT said...

apparently a McCleans has a cover story this issue that is really making quebec mad. Says Quebec is the most corrupt province in Canada.
Considering how many scandals start there I might have to agree.
Hey, mike will be there on Monday, any chance anyone will ask him when libs will repay the stolen 40 million, or leadership failures will pay their debt.
We need a law that anyone with unpaid debts can't run in the next election. No wonder they want back to the trough, to find a way to dismiss those debts, like they dismissed the registry bill.

maryT said...

OOPS just realized I spelt MACLEANS very wrong. Just shows how long it has been since that mag has been in my home. Used to subsribe but haven't for 20 years. It isn't even in a lot of professional offices anymore.

Neo Conservative said...

main post updated with link to macleans article... thx.