16 September 2010

That secretive, controlling Stephen Harp...

...wait a minute...

This week, CBC/Radio-Canada lawyers went to court in Montreal to plead that their Crown corporation not be subject to the Access to Information Act (AIA) like all other federal institutions.

The CBC has been bound by the AIA since 2007. However, it systematically applies a legal provision to reject requests for information arguing that these jeopardize its journalistic, creative or programming activities.

The Office of the Information Commissioner challenges this interpretation and wants to see the documents requested before judging if the loophole applies. The CBC refuses.
Hang on... it gets better...
What this means is taxpayers are paying lawyers of both sides as the case goes before a judge.
Only in Canada.


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LAST WORD: Sweet baby jebus, no wonder...

...the CBC doesn't want any of their dirty linen aired in public...
-- WINNIPEG -- The next time the CBC gets a phone call from a repeat, violent refugee offender who's been deported to Somalia and who claims he's being held captive at an airport by armed extremists, they'll probably think twice before running a story about it.

The CBC ran two days of reports based solely on the word of a slimeball, violent criminal who -- had the CBC done its homework -- would have known is a perpetual con man and a master at manipulation.


mahmood said...

So the the CBC is special, that's nothing new, the lawyers are ordering-up the Christmas goose...and the taxpayer?, well...assume the position, here comes another one.

Dave Robinson said...

Your objection to the CBC's refusal to submit somehow makes Harper's attacks on his own accountability legislation OK?

Stay away from the flame Straw Man.

Neo Conservative said...

"dave pronounces... Harper's attacks on his own accountability legislation"

because you say so? please dave... elucidate.

sources too, if you will.

perhaps we can have a conversation.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you pointed this out - the legal fees must be adding up.

If you look at the amount of pending legal cases, you also have the Information Commissioner heading off to court with the Minister of Defense (x2), the PMO, the RCMP, and the Minister of Transport.

Who do you think is flipping the bill for those court cases?


Neo Conservative said...

you equate the inner workings of the pmo, the ministry of national defense and the rcmp... with a media broadcaster?


i'm sure organised crime and, say... the taliban... would be right there with you.


Anonymous said...

nawww. Nothing secretive about Harper.