23 September 2010

How the Liberals define "victory"

Their leader didn't get tarred & feathered...

"That all of his MPs were in their seats and stood with him on issue of the gun registry – a Liberal legacy – marked an important turning point for Mr. Ignatieff who has had to contend with divided loyalties among those who sit in the benches behind him."
Seriously... that's the new standard for party unity & loyalty?

You show up for a whipped vote?



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Yeah... because spending 2 billion taxpayer dollars to chase after farmers, duck hunters and skeet shooters is really gonna take a bite out of urban handgun mayhem...
On the plus side... after you've ripped off a half-dozen hand-punishing rounds that tear chunks of masonry out of surrounding buildings, you can beat your intended target to death with it.
Good grief.


hunter said...

Well to the Liberal way of thinking, not supporting your constituents is the road to victory. I wonder of Ralph will survive.

Neo Conservative said...

"The gun registry isn't really just about guns. It's about what the Canadian way of life is. It's really about the old Canada versus the new Canada... the new Canada being very multicultural, very urban people who wouldn't be into hunting."