16 September 2010

From the guy who brought you...

...sex ed for 6 year-olds...
another mcslippery brainwave

Ontario’s Premier says hand-held devices can and should be used as educational tools, creating a fresh debate over cellphones in the classroom and potential headaches for teachers who have been fighting to keep their students’ attention.
I'm not sure I follow Premier McSlippery's logic here.

Neophyte's primary school was equipped, at no small expense, with "Smartboards"... essentially a computer hookup to the internet... controlled by the teacher... that could be projected onto a large screen.

Now Dalton wants to just let kids surf the intertoobs with their Crackberrys during class?

What could possibly go awry there, huh?


"Or as my wife says: "So, he's going to pay their cell phone bills?"


Anonymous said...

Or as my wife says: "so, he's going to pay for their cell phone bills?"

Not to give him any ideas, but hey, not all students have cell phones, and not everyone has a "free" plan.

A cell phone in every hand...I don't think that will be a Liberal platform.

Personally, each school should one of those jammers that some restaurants have...

Neo Conservative said...

my 14 year-old son, neophyte, thinks there should be an xbox360 in every classroom.

c'mon dalton... don't be a cheap-ass s.o.b.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

He could call it the "Flattening the Learning Curve".

Or, as we used to call it, "Cheating".

My mom is pretty sure that student's minds started turning to mush when they let calculators in the classroom. Can't say I disagree, or can even contemplate how dumb the little buggers are going to get now...

Anonymous said...

what if the school can't get a connection. see that lots in the commercials for one or the other plans.
will he move the school or buy a satellite for that school so everyone in Ontario is on the same playing field.
If you have 4 children do you have to buy each of them a phone. My son just bought one with all the bells and whistles and it cost him $700. Then he has to pay $100 a month for the service plan.
Universities are too expensive now they want to make elementary and high schools too expensive.
Dalton maybe it is time for the men in the funny white coats to pay a visit to your office.

Neo Conservative said...

good ol' premier mcslippery... once again, he exercises his intuitive knowledge of what people want.