30 September 2010

Spin Cycle

tyler clementiSeriously... that's what you're gonna go with...the "respect"?...

"Rutgers is a community that is extraordinarily proud of its diversity and the respect its members have for one another."
No matter how hard and creatively the University tries to torque this story... the fact is... the two students involved in this... might as well have put a gun to Tyler Clementi's head.


FROM TLP COMMENTS: Irony, what irony?
"It could be that much of this increased diversity comes from recent immigrants from places with less tolerant attitudes toward homosexuality."

"If so, it would be a case of liberal multiculturalism biting itself in the ass."


Chris said...

Oh this is being spun every-which-way. Actually, its too bad that it is being spun by everyone. The school is spinning one direction, the 'public outcry' is spinning it in another. The pro-gay and anti-gay communities are a-spinnin' too.

Hopefully all this gets ignored by the district attorney's office and they make prosecution decisions based on the facts and law and not the mob's 'demands'.

With respect Neo, the two idiot floormates didn't put any gun to this poor kid's head. They certainly did something rediclously selfish and stupid and their actions likely led to a senseless death. However, I believe (though I would have no idea) that this kid's suicide was not their intent when they pulled off this stunt.

Its just too bad that this kid did not seek some help.

Neo Conservative said...

"chris says... the two idiot floormates didn't put any gun to this poor kid's head."

but chris... you also say... "their actions likely led to a senseless death."

so... what's the penalty for that?