29 September 2010

The best defense...

...is blowing the other guy's sh!t up... before he does yours...

The CIA has launched at least 20 drone strikes so far this month in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas, a lawless region neighboring Afghanistan. That is the highest monthly total in the past six years, according to a tally by the New America Foundation think tank.

Separately, Pakistan on Monday protested NATO helicopter strikes that killed more than 70 militants, saying the attacks breached its air space. NATO said it attacked in self defense.
Meanwhile... Europe sits and holds it's breath.


TODAY'S POP QUIZ: Finish this phrase...
"Those who do not learn from history"... are what?

LAST WORD: Unraveling Stuxnet


Chris said...

The funny thing (or I guess.. not so funny) is that there is barely a peep out of the press about this increase in drone attacks. You can bet that if old W was in the white house, there would be hell to pay for all these war mongering strikes.

Sort of reminds me of the Kosovo bombing ordered by Clinton and the absolute silence by the media.

War is bad when a republican is in charge but we can all tolerate it quietly if there is a democrat in the whitehouse.

Neo Conservative said...

yeah, chris... exactly.

i think of it as... "hope, change... and crawford, texas."