20 September 2010

Never a Taser around, when you...

...really need one...

The family of a schizophrenic man hopes a coroner's inquest beginning Monday will shed light on why Toronto police fatally shot him more than two years ago. --
Uhm... that's a trick question... right?

Two words, folks... armed AND dangerous.
Officers found Debassige in the park drunk, singing and wielding a knife. Debassige refused repeated calls to drop the weapon and came toward the officers "while wielding the knife in a threatening posture," said the SIU news release.
Sorry, Peace Moonbeam... you call the tune... don't be too surprised somebody punches your dance card.

I'd also be interested in knowing where Byron Debassige's family was... two years ago. Funny how everybody saves up their concern for the inevitable inquest...
"Let's put the onus for seeking treatment on the guy who's obviously crazier than a shithouse mouse... that sounds like a plan."
If it was my son who was suffering from mental illness... he sure as shit wouldn't be wandering around Toronto armed & intoxicated.

You do whatever you have to do.


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...could bring back a little girl... would you do it?
“It was the voice that started it,” Richard Wilde recalled of Oct. 18, 2007, the day he killed his daughter, Megan.


Norm said...

I'll do it even if it does not bring the girl back. People who kill after "hearing voices" cannot be allowed in society. Incarceration will achieve the same result (maybe; if some PhD doesn't declare him "cured" at a future date)but at much greater cost.
Up a long ladder, down a short rope.

Neo Conservative said...

norm... i'd settle for the life-long padded cell... people who do violence in response to inner demons have no place in the larger field of folk...

"See, explained the cop, the Ontario Mental Health Act notwithstanding... he didn't actually hit anyone... so we're just gonna let this one slide. Now, this will likely be of very small consolation to the person that "Mr Plan 9 from Outer Space" eventually lobotomises with street signage... but hey... that's simply how the cookie crumbles."

what exactly would a voice have to say... to convince YOU to kill your own child?

lock 'em up. do it now.