27 September 2010

Of course he is...

...it's a "Liberal" thing...slippery like a snake

In presenting his full financial blueprint Monday, the former deputy premier said he was “confident” his old colleagues at the province would come through with a long-term funding deal for the Toronto Transit Commission.
There's a brainwave, Georgie... 'cos if there's anything Ontarians love to do... it's pay down Toronto's burgeoning bar tab.


UPDATE: Eject, eject, eject
Thomson - whose name will still appear on the ballot on Oct. 25 - said she is urging her supporters to back Smitherman to stop frontrunner Rob Ford.

She said she hopes her announcement will make a "positive impact" on the rest of the race.


JA Goneaux said...

Hmmm...a Canadian version of the "October surprise"...

Neo Conservative said...

you figure premier mcslippery's just gonna pull that wad outta his own pocket?

well, who really cares?

i'm sure taxpayers in windsor, sarnia, bancroft and bomanville won't mind paying for toronto's socialist largesse.


Frances said...

And presumably McGinty would take it from Alberta!!

Anonymous said...

speakin of liberals, did you hear how they made flaherty RAISE TAXES with EI?

Not a peep about it here either.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... speakin of liberals..."

hang on a sec... are you talkin' about the vote that the leader of the liberal party didn't even show up to?

the "natural governing party" of canada... phoning it in... yet again.