24 September 2010

Bright lights, big city...

...do you know where your children are? --
toronto the goodAnd, no... that's not a rhetorical question...

A Toronto woman is charged with trying to abduct a three-year-old boy at the Eaton Centre.

Police said the boy was in the huge mall with his mother and siblings but when mom turned her attention to deal with the other kids, the suspect approached the boy.

She allegedly grabbed his hand and started walking away, police said. But the boy's mom spotted the woman and confronted her immediately in the crowded mall.

Thi Luu, 34, is charged with attempt abduction of a person under 14, obstructing police and fail to appear in court.


Bert said...

If someone tried that with one of my kids, I'd beat the living shit out of them.

Neo Conservative said...

i once lost track of 5 year-old neophyte in a big box store (thought he was with his mum) and after alerting the front desk, who immediately locked down the store... i jumped in my car and started going up and down aisles in the parking lot.

gawd knows what would have happened if i'd seen a car driving away with a kid with a blue snowsuit.

it wouldn't have been pretty.

five minutes later, neophyte pushes a shopping buggy up to a store staffer and nonchalantly declares... "i'm looking for my daddy".

that one took about ten years off my life.


maryT said...

It used to be one could/did ignore a crying chid in store or mall, but not anymore.
A few yrs ago a car with an elderly couple and a young child stopped in a local store, on a Sunday. The young mother at the till thought something was wrong as the girl was crying and pulling away. Supposed grandparents were taking child to disneyland and she didn't want to go.
Girl at till called canada customs, a few miles away and reported the license number and a stolen child was returned to her parents.