22 September 2010

You know what? I'm thinking I'll just...

...head down to Buffalo and catch the Bills...

-- NEW DELHI -- Skepticism about India’s preparedness for the Commonwealth Games deepened Tuesday after a partly constructed footbridge collapsed outside the main arena for competition, injuring dozens.

“This will not affect the games,” said Raj Kumar Chauhan, a Delhi minister for development, who spoke at the scene. “We can put the bridge up again, or make a new one.”
Right Raj... no biggie. Or maybe you could ferry people across the river on bullocks... and call it a cross-cultural adventure.

Unfortunately, that's not the only problem here...
The village is “uninhabitable,” the Commonwealth Games Federation chief executive, Mike Hooper, told the local television channel CNN-IBN on Tuesday. “There is dust everywhere,” he said. “The flats are dirty and filthy. Toilets are unclean.”
Hmmm, what's Raj's next brainwave gonna be... Ganges brand bottled water?

Oh, yeah... there's just that one other little fly in the ointment...
Security at the games has also become a major concern after two tourists were shot outside the Jama Masjid, a mosque that is one of Delhi’s major attractions, on Sunday.
Buffalo... here I come.


Alistair Macfarlane said...

I was in Green Bay on the weekend and did catch the Bills..... GO PACK GO!!!!!

Neo Conservative said...

i remember back when buffalo used to be the armpit of the usa.

i guess it's all relative, huh?