13 September 2010

Just back from the Big Smoke

It's so good to be home.

Jetted down to the Devil's Armpit today with my faithful carbon spewing, tree-eatin' saw... to help out my city-bound brother-in-law.

What a day.

It's always amazing to me how people cope with the Hogtown two-step. I have trouble believing that I was once part of this infernal machine.

I've gotta ask... is there actually any part of the day any more... that doesn't qualify as rush hour? Seriously... I feel like a cow that's been run through a 10 mile cattle chute.

Tronna... you can have it.


RELATED: Mayor's office strangely quiet...

...about which gun club he belonged to...

Toronto detectives are expected to issue an arrest warrant Tuesday for an alleged shoplifter who fired a handgun at a pursuing store security guard at Fairview Mall.

Acting Staff-Sgt. Gary Hutchison said the suspect is known to police and is currently wanted on other outstanding arrest warrants for unspecified acts of violence.
I don't get it... can't they just look him up in the infallible "gun registry."


UPDATE: Oops... maybe not a shoplifter


Anonymous said...

just wait til "I'm stoppin the war on cars" Ford gets in as mayor.

You ain't seen nuthin yet.

Neo Conservative said...

the thing is though, nonny... on tronna's considerable collection of social ills... rob ford doesn't even make the short list...

"What they caught, respectively, were pieces of an incident terrifying in its randomness and which but for one man’s prudence and one boy’s magnificent presence of mind, would have been fatal in its consequences."

i hope you and david miller are enjoying the fruits of ontario's premier socialist paradise.


Rural and Right said...

"Seriously... I feel like a cow that's been run through a 10 mile cattle chute."

That has to be the best description for Hogtown traffic I have ever heard (pardon the pun), thanks again for the laughs (almost had coffee come out my nose) and the reminder to stay north of hwy 89 to maintain whats left of my sanity.

Neo Conservative said...

the thing is... it was actually a better drive than usual.

i made it through yesterday's madness without the usual obligatory near death experience that is the don valley parkway.

didn't start screaming even once.

i start to white-knuckle it about at oshawa... nascar has nothing on toronto the good.


Anonymous said...

wwwwwwhoa there neo. Easy does it.

Now just because someone recognizes rob ford is a buffoon does not automatically make them, a (GASSSSPPPP!!!) socialist.

There are plenty of people here in downtown that would like a sane, fiscally conservative leader to win the mayor's office here, we just aren't willing to vote for someone just because he walks, and talks like a conservative.

Rob Ford has already proven himself incapable, of leadership.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Rob Ford has already proven himself incapable, of leadership."

sure, nonny... because you say so.

unfortunately, the polls say your fellow torontonians think otherwise.

ps... read slower... and tell me where i come off as a big rob ford fan.


Anonymous said...


Right about the part where yo FREAKED out and started going off on me about being a solcialist, and david miller supporter, merely because I, and just about everyone I know know down here who, -actually live in downtown Toronto-, have watched rob ford prove again and again, he is not capable of leading the biggest city in Canada. And, right about the part where you defended him by saying, "sure, nonny... because you say so.

unfortunately, the polls say your fellow torontonians think otherwise."

One doesn't need to read very slow to see the obvious.

But perhaps living way north, NOT in Toronto gives you another perspective, but down -here-, people HATE Rob Ford.

I can guarentee you, if he were somehow bullshit lucky enough to get in, 4 years later, he'll be turfed out so fast it's make your eyes spin.

It isn't his policy ideas that people hate. It's him.

When you stand up and declare that a cyclist/motorist accident resulting in the cyclist's death is likely the cause of the cyclist, and say things like "Orientals work like dogs", and don't understand why this is not a good thing to say (publically) as the mayor of the largest city in in the country, you are not fit, to lead.


Maybe Bellville, or Etobecoke, sure.

Anonymous said...

he is often referred to as, Mel Lastman's mentally challenged younger brother.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny shrieks... yo FREAKED out... mentally challenged... down -here-, people HATE Rob Ford."

yeah... i freaked out... unlike your sober, considered argument(s), huh?

9:32 AM, September 14, 2010
5:33 PM, September 14, 2010
9:02 AM, September 15, 2010
9:05 AM, September 15, 2010

again, nonny... because you say so?

maybe transference? 'cos it kinda sounds like you're more than a little pumped. nice to see though... despite your faulty interpretation... that you read me so assiduously.

here's a thought... let's see hogtown vote for furious george... he can take up where fidel miller left off.

and if people hate rob ford so much... why do they keep telling the pollsters otherwise?

you get the kind of government you deserve.

tronna... it's all yours, babycakes.


Anonymous said...

who is talking about furious george?

I'm not voting for him, and neither are most people I know. And that goes for Ford.

You seem to have qite the obsession with furious George doncha?



That pretty much sums up you right there.

Neo Conservative said...


whoa... pump the brakes, drama queen... you're gonna blow a main line.

and seriously, nonny... "LICK SMITHERMAN"S ASSSS!!!!"? there's an interesting conversational gambit.

i think you've just blasted through a whole new level of homo-erotic taunting. seriously, friend... i just don't know how to respond to that.

at least you're not totally freaking out on those other two threads you're trolling right now.

maybe you could go get a nice soothing cup of camomile tea... and come back & try it again?

'cos honestly, kid... we worry about you.

oops... gotta go... gmail notifier just told me you're bangin' away at those other two posts.


Anonymous said...
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Neo Conservative said...

"nonny flirts... You sure you don't need to head to high park to blow off some steam?"

why is it, the compassionate, intellectual left thinks the worst possible insult you can toss at someone... is to call them a fag?