07 December 2008

BREAKING... Just Desserts

A Toronto jury has found the first person to face trial in the Boxing Day shooting death of Jane Creba guilty of second degree murder.

JSR has also been found guilty of three counts of aggravated assault and five weapons charges. He was found not guilty of an additional three counts of aggravated assault.
This, of course, is still... "too little, too late"... a direct result of Dalton McSlippery's... "no such thing as a bad boy"... socialist paradise.

Wake up Ontario.


A very special Toronto solution
Routinely now, the kinds of things that are still being shown to jurors in courtrooms outside the country's biggest city - autopsy pictures, for instance - are kept from Toronto jurors on the grounds that they are inherently inflammatory.

Other items, such as defendants' criminal records and evidence deemed prejudicial - in this instance surveillance video that showed JSR and his friends robbing people shortly before the shootout, with JSR seen punching a young man in the face and emerging triumphant with his cellphone thrust high into the air - are generally scrubbed cleaner for city jurors than for their country cousins
Find these thugs... and burn them to the ground.


LAST WORD: Apparently, in good ol' Hogtown...

...the first woman you shoot... is deductible.



Philanthropist said...

Remorseless murdering bastards should be shown no mercy, they prey on the civilized without mercy. And will continue to do so if the public doesn't realize it has the moral authority to demand severe punishment.

Neo Conservative said...

there have always been a certain number of human beings who choose to prey upon their fellow man.

what matters is... how we, as a society, choose to deal with them.

actions should have consequences.