17 December 2008

Merry Christmas...

...from Premier "I won't raise your taxes" McSlippery...

-- TORONTO -- Municipal property assessments that were mailed to homes across Ontario this fall are “unrealistic” given the dramatic drops in the real estate market, Premier Dalton McGuinty admitted Wednesday.
And what will the "Slippery One" do about this issue?

Yup... sweet Fanny Adams...
Despite that, the province will not direct Ontario's Municipal Property Assessment Corporation to scrap the 2008 assessments, the first in several years, and do fresh ones in 2009.
Don't look at me... I didn't vote for him.



Anonymous said...

It's really moot what the assessments are. They are simply establishing the value of one home relative to its neighbours. The municipalities then decide how much money they want then apply that requirement to all homes in proportion to their assessments. That's why a house in Toronto pays half the property tax of one in Aurora, even though the the one in Aurora is assessed for much less than the one in Toronto.

Philanthropist said...

McGuinty bought power by buying teachers and public sector unions, they're not going to like paying more for their expensive homes and will demand the rest of us pay more tax to support their iron-clad bureaucrat jobs.

Anonymous said...

Governments, especially socialist ones, will always find a way to bleed more money from the taxpaying public. Until a politician comes along who promises, and keeps that promise, to cut all expenditures and, their attendant tax rates, by at least 50%, the costs for Joe Public will continue to skyrocket well above inflation rates. Of course, in this entitlement age, a politician like this could never get elected.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... It's really moot what the assessments are."

sorry, nonny... you're talkin' out yer ass.

the number should represent the actual value of the house. that's simply what's fair and equitable... not to mention logical.

the whole mpac process is flawed... and guess who is hip-deep in the process?


langmann said...

That's funny, nonny. Everytime my home is evalutated to be worth more by this magical assessment, my taxes go up.

I just can't explain it. In fact I cannot remember a time when a large municipality said, hey your home assessments are overvalued. Let's lower taxes. It happens about as often as a socialist makes a decision based on evidence.

Q: Why don't we pay municipal taxes based on income?

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... Everytime my home is evaluated to be worth more by this magical assessment, my taxes go up."

hey, that's weird... mine too.

i've got an idea. let's all move to the wonderful world of nonnyville... where apparently, that doesn't happen.