19 December 2008

So many psychedelic drugs...

...so little time...

And in the Canadian city of Montreal, Block the Empire, an anti-war protest group that regularly criticises Bush's foreign policy, invited Canadians to hurl their footwear at the US consulate in the city on Saturday in solidarity with al-Zaidi.
Honestly... who are these freaks?


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JA Goneaux said...

Let me see if I get this straight: toss your shoes (or a pie) at someone, and its a protected right.

Insult someone and its actionable?

I'll either need thicker skin, thicker socks or a better lawyer...

Neo Conservative said...

"liberal supporter aka cc-nonymous says... blah, blah"

sorry, my pottymouth little friend... you lost your commenting privileges a long time ago.

you owe everyone an apology.

pony up and we'll see how it goes.

-- deleted --


Louise said...

That's okay. They'll freeze their little pink toes off.

Neo Conservative said...

"louise says... freeze their little pink toes off."

remember the eco-dumbstick who decided to protest in front of a railroad train... and ended up a double-amputee?

yessirree... gotta love the lunatic left.


Anonymous said...

It's always the same groups here in Montreal - they support one another no matter what the cause. A lot of them are subsidized by the Quebec government so that they don't riot.

They have nothing else to do but demonstrate practically every weekend.