21 December 2008

If it bleeds... it leads

Wake up folks... and smell the sales pitch...
This isn't about providing information, it's about peddling newspapers, 'cos... lemme see... my kid is outside playing in the "death storm"... taxpayers just handed the Big Three automakers 20 billion taxpayer dollars... and, last and absolutely least, Caspar Milquetoast and his "Green Shaft" have been ignominiously and eternally consigned to the compost pile of history.

You get it, yet?



Brian said...

I loved how all last week we were being told Friday would be "Snowmageddon." What did you get? Here in Cambridge, we had maybe three inches.

On our streets.

In December.

I'm not allowed to make that up.

Neo Conservative said...

well, brian... i don't even think this is about inches.

it's about shameless manipulation.

and "snowmageddon"?


you know what they called this where i come from?



Rob Budde said...

I agree. The media is really lost it. What ever happened to "news"? You know, reporting. INvestigation. Issues being explored. It's all about dumbed down headlines, eye candy, and scare tactics these days.

Neo Conservative said...

it's all "bread & circuses" these days, my socialist friend... the sheeple demand their feelgood-feelbad pap.

in aggregate... this is nothing less than the willing... nay, eager... oprah-fication of the entire planet.

be afraid.


Rob Budde said...

erm, well, actually, I like Oprah--she actually delves into issues. NOt your sort of issues but at least it is not surface glitz.

Neo Conservative said...

"rob budde says... I like Oprah"

rob... after your previous comments on guns... let's just say i'm not especially surprised.

every day, oprah has on the best actor, writer, whatever in the world. they are all, serially, without fail... "the best" that ever was. it's not only dishonest... it's plain dumb.

there isn't a celebrity left in hollywood that she hasn't figuratively blown on her daily schmooze-fest.

the crazy scientologist tom cruise freakout on her couch (it's world-famous, isn't it) was the high-water mark of her career.

the only redeeming thing i've heard anything about is doctor oz... and he should have his own program.