22 December 2008

Toronto the not-so-good

What's it gonna take folks...... a plague of locusts?


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What the MSM doesn't care to emphasize... is that this guy was "battling mental illness"... with a couple of knives.



Outraged friends and family continued to question why police resorted to lethal force in their confrontation with Moynagh, who had A HISTORY OF VIOLENT OUTBURSTS and had SEVERAL RUN-INS WITH THE POLICE in the past.
Oh yeah... did I mention the knives?

Seems, in their follow-up piece... the Toronto Sun forgot to.



Philanthropist said...

The 'system' did not fail. This man was violent and a danger to the public. Now he is not. Sad as that may be for him, it spares innocent people from harm.

Neo Conservative said...

all a matter of interpretation, i guess... but if i was writing this headline, it would've been... "knife-wielding man shot by police".

the extremely dangerous, violent behaviour suggests he was not taking his meds. nobody noticed?

question... if he was this far off his rocker... why was he not in custody?

mom, dad... anyone?