29 December 2008


The Canadian Senate, or as it's better known... the "Cash for Life" lottery...

-- OTTAWA -- As the youngest of Canada's 18 new senators, 34-year-old Patrick Brazeau will be eligible for pension benefits that most Canadians can only dream of, as soon as he hits 55.

If the current National Chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples remains in the Red Chamber until 2029, he will walk away with a pension worth 63 per cent of his indexed annual salary, which currently stands at $130,400. In today's dollars, that's an annual pension of $82,000 – indexed for life – starting in his middle age.
I've got an idea... let's be totally fair and equitable and turn Senate appointments into an actual lottery. I mean... let's face it... it's not like there's any actual "qualifications" for the position.

To be eligible, you simply have to be a Canadian citizen who has paid taxes for, let's say... 25 years.

What could be more "inclusive" and Canadian than that?



caz said...

Everyone who was appointed has agreed to run in an election if Harper can actually make them happen. All these calculations only add to the cynicism that Canadians feel towards their politicians. It amazes me that Canadians don't realize what he's trying to do. To say that Harper has no vision for this country is so "wrong headed" and weak that it astounds me.

Neo Conservative said...

well, to actually "reform" the senate... you have to get the agreement of... SURPRISE!!!... the senate.

the pm has to work within the existing lop-sided liberal-appointed framework to get anything done here.

the fiberals are gonna be kickin' and screamin' every step of the way... but we'll get there eventually.


Mark said...

But what about the under 40 crowd? Don't they get to play the lottery too? As long as they are maintaining this patronage chamber they might as well make it transparent. Whomever is in power should hold the lottery of all people who donated to that party.

Neo Conservative said...

"mark asks... But what about the under 40 crowd?"

well, mark... i was looking to make it something that "is actually earned"... but, you're right... why change what is currently the most fundamental precept of the senatorial game.