26 December 2008

Hey, Misty...

...I'm ashamed that you're a Canadian AND a dumbass...

Misty Morning from Canada writes: What a sad story. Our government should feel that family's pain and feel ashamed that they have proved, again, to be totally inept in all matters.

As a Canadian, I feel ashamed. How can we say Merry Christmas to each other when another Canadian family is hurting as the Kohail's must be?

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POSTSCRIPT: Two words, Misty... r-e-a-d... s-l-o-w-e-r...
"The victim's family has angrily denounced Canadian interference in the case and has said they will not entertain any possibility of forgiveness until the two accused admit their guilt."


Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... canadians of convenience deserve no special treatment... they come from the 3rd world"

sorry... not gonna allow this type of thing as an anonymous comment.

there is indeed such a thing as canadians of convenience... but to throw this label at all immigrants from 3rd world countries is not acceptable.

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