18 December 2008

Oh my gawd... global warming...

...we're all gonna die!!!

“In a nutshell we went from a 20-centimetre base to over 100 centimetres now,” Mr. Rideout said. “That perked everybody up because there wasn't much snow around.”


Powell lucas said...

We are definitely doomed. In another 20 to 30 years, when the earth comes out of this global cooling period, we will once again have to confront the problem of global warming and how we can control the weather.
Isn't it obvious to everyone that we must continue to transfer vast sums to the third world so that when the earth comes out of this brief hiatus of cool temperatures we will be in a much better position to deal with changes in the climate.

caz said...

We'll have reversed our progress back to medieval standards, so how the hell will we be better able to DEAL with the changes in the climate??? As if we ever could! Soon they'll be bragging about how they can make it snow on Mars to prove how "Godly" they are in their ability to do things like STOPPING GLOBAL WARMING!!! What a bunch of gullible dupes. Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano blew its top yesterday. Don't imagine THAT will interfere too much with our valiant march towards a perfect climate.

Neo Conservative said...

out here at the halls, we're freezin' our friggin' asses off.

gimme my global warming now!!!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where that GD fool Gore is hiding these days.His oscar and awards should be taken from him along with his ill gotten cash accumulation.