30 December 2008

Can "plastic cutlery" legislation...

...be that far behind...

Speed-limiting devices should be fitted to cars on a voluntary basis to help save lives and cut carbon emissions, according to a new report.
Of course, if preventing injuries is the name of the game, there are all kinds of things we could do... like wearing helmets in the shower and introducing a "National Ladder Registry."
The speed-limiting devices will then use satellite positioning to check a vehicle's location and when its speed exceeds the limit, power will be reduced and the brakes applied if necessary.
I look forward to government mandated breakfast "fibre levels".

Good grief.


More... I'm from the government...
"I'm here to save you."


robins111 said...

I was sure that with the crash and burn of the Glow-bull warmers, that this type of enviro-nonsense would stop.

I guess that's too much to be expected the from socialist heaven which was called Great Britian

Neo Conservative said...

yet another example of how the once-mighty have fallen.


Rural and Right said...

I nearly had my coffee come out my nose reading that post.
"... like wearing helmets in the shower and introducing a 'National Ladder Registry.'"
Might I add that a 'Sharp Pointy Object and Heavy Blunt Object National registry', would also be as 'feel good' useful as hitting the gas in the fast lane to get safely past a transport truck coming into your space. Then having the breaks applied via satellite, because you were speeding, to find your oh so green car crushed between the guard rail and an 18 wheeler.

Neo Conservative said...

maybe there actually should be a "national dumbstick registry" that prevents proven idiots from using pointy objects, or yes... ladders... without supervision.


"The single greatest threat to the physical wellbeing of Ontarians this month has nothing to do with violent crimes or robberies, according to a new Canadian Institute for Health Information report. The true menace, oddly enough, is ladder falls."

"On average, 30 people a day were sent to hospital in Ontario last November after falling from a ladder, as people prepared their homes for winter or clean up their gardens, according CIHI."


actually, scratch that... we DO NEED a mechanism to thin the herd... and stupidity is as good a criteria as any.


Cool Blue said...

I read a few months ago that Transport Canada actually has created a satellite-based speed regulator.

It is designed to keep drivers within the speed limits. Through GPS it can tell if the car is in a 50KM zone or on a highway.