20 December 2008

The poor, befuddled New York Times

More media kid-glove treatment... for anybody on the left side of the aisle...

"The authorities said Mr. Monserrate drove Ms. Giraldo to Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park in Nassau County, near the Queens border."

"It was unclear why he chose a hospital outside the city and 12 miles from his apartment, on 83rd Street in Jackson Heights. There are at least three hospitals closer, including Elmhurst Hospital Center, five blocks away. "
It's unclear?



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...ran out of "starving puppydog" stories...
It's not the first year that the children of Canadian soldiers have asked Santa to bring their moms and dads home safely so they can spend Christmas together, but “there do seem to be more of them this year.”

Mr. Danells estimates that only “0.001 per cent” of Santa letters ask those tearjerker questions, but he is noticing that children everywhere are becoming more aware of the world around them.
You estimate? -- 0.001 percent?

Hey, Oprah... don't let that stop you.



Anonymous said...

The left will never be credible to honest and decent people until they can tell the truth, the whole truth. (real conservative)