21 December 2008

Ongoing initiative...

...to return Middle East to early 14th century... picks up a little steam.



robins111 said...

You know this may not be a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

The article says: cutting communications mostly between Egypt and North America. Who would want that? (real conservative)

Philanthropist said...

A dragging anchor cut the cable apparently.

Arabs can barely manage to keep their electrical power grids going, other public services are a shambles, corruption and violence are intrinsic to their systems of government - so they have already rejected modernity in many ways.

It wouldn't take much to give them the 7th century they want, they would get over the whole starvation thing pretty quickly.

Neo Conservative said...

you've gotta love the middle-east's recent affinity for "the good ol' days".

it's interesting, not to mention massively ironic... that, for instance, iran recently had "gas riots", because despite being one of the world's largest suppliers of crude oil... they don't have the ability to refine enough gasoline to meet their own domestic requirements.

not really sure these are the folks we want to be playing around splitting atoms.