19 December 2008

This may put a smile...

...on Iggy's face... but what if it turns into "pay me now, AND pay me later"...

Mr. Harper didn't say how big a deficit Ottawa would run, but a stimulus package of the kind he's planning would push the federal government deep into the red next year – likely by more than $30-billion.


Anonymous said...

Harper should come clean on the state of the nation's finances. He has claimed everything is good (great buying opportunitites for stocks!), not in recession, technical recession, depression requiring a $30 billion debt.

Well what is it.

maryT said...

Anon, that 30 billion debt is caused by the coalition, and the coalition will wear it.
It is layton that has been talking about a 30 billion stimulus. So the PM is following his suggestion.

wilson said...

'Harper should come clean on the state of the nation's finances'

Yes he should.
Starting with how Liberals hid years of deficits with the $54Billion in illegal tax grab, cooking the books to write surplus budgets.

How the Liberals spent on social programs in exchange for Dipper support,
while our military and infrastructure crumbled.

But Martin wanted to fix Canada, but he couldn't
because it was all smoke and mirrors with a soon to dry up EI surplus being used to keep Canada out of deficit.

Yes, let's get a real good dose of reality;
that is was the new Conservative government that was left with phantom surpluses , with a used up surplus EI fund to cover Liberal tracks, reality is...

David Page should be investigating the Chretien/Martin 'surplus budgets' for 2000-2005.

Neo Conservative said...

"cc-nonymous shrieks... Harper should come clean"

you're kidding, right?

how about we do a little more investigating here instead?

or maybe take a closer look at paul martin's "canada steamship lines" reflagging ships to avoid paying canadian taxes?

or how about shawinigate?

you nonny-trolls just crack me up.