29 December 2008

Tonight's CTV Moonbat Moment

Totally missing the point that "competitive sports" are all about, well... "competing"... tonight reporter Roger Smith spent five minutes lamenting the fact that Team Canada refused to back off at some point in their 15-0 blowout over Kazakhstan.

When exactly, did hurt feelings take precedence over excelling and winning?

The Oprah-fication of North America continues apace.



"I'm waiting for some moonbat to say it was a disproportionate number of goals."

"Evgeni Bolyakin, player of the game for Kazakhstan, feels it's better for his team's development to play and lose in Division 1 than return to Division 2."

"It's better to play in the more prestigious group," Bolyakin said through an interpreter. 'We're learning, especially against teams like Canada'."


Anonymous said...

Yes you play to win, but not to humiliate your opponent. I was not impressed with Team Canada.

Manuel said...

The kids on Team Canada have been conditioned not to step off the gas, thats what it will take for them to succeed in their future hockey careers, and these idiots think they should go easy on another team?

The Right is Where it's At said...

To Anon post 12:49 a.m.:

Do you know how this tournament works? I thought so! Let me explain it to you. The teams need to score has many goals has possible in the event that two teams end up with the same record.If we have two teams with the same number of victories they would then look who has scored the most goals to break the tie."Get it anon post 12:49 a.m.?" There is your lesson for the day.

Archie said...

Kazakhstan had no reason to be in this terminate. Everyone knows this, but it all comes down to money. The more the teams the more the money you make at the gate. Kazakhstan was lucky it wasn't 30-0, yes you can say Canada let off on them. Also people paid good money to see these players play and score, do you want to rip them off by letting off. Maybe people should be mad at the organizers for letting a bad team like Kazakhstan in. This series is supposed to be the best of the world and they shouldn't have to pay money to watch a bad team like Kazakhstan

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny 12:49 whimpers...you play to win, but not to humiliate your opponent."

this is the same sort of attitude that has people whining about israel "not being fair" to hamas.

guess what, gilligan... fair is playing by the rules... not being a condescending, fuzzy-bunny glad-hander.

sport, especially contact sport, is a substitute of sorts for the tribal conflicts humans have been having since the dawn of time.

and guess what, there's a reason they call it war... and not "circle of friends".

but nonny would have us sit around and sing "everthing is beooouuu-tiful... in it's own waaaaaay..."

as i said previously... the oprah-fication of sport.


Wonder Woman said...

My jaw dropped when, at the end of the game, the commentator made a remark that at least they were handling their win the right way and "not flaunting it".

Anybody who whomps ass like they did, deserves to flaunt it just a little, I think.

Fred said...

I'm waiting for some moonbat to say it was a disproportionate number of goals.

The tournament is played with total points deciding any tie. The boys just played the tourny rules.

robins111 said...

Once again, the CTV proves it's staffed by F&#king idiots.