23 December 2008

The New Entrepreneurs...

...visit Belleville, Ontario...

A Toronto couple who left behind $269,000 in dirty money in a clean baby’s diaper two years ago were officially relieved of the cash in court last week.

Hashani and Suada Bojaxhi, a husband and wife from Toronto were ordered to forfeit the money after Mr. Bojaxhi pleaded guilty to possession of property obtained by crime while before Superior Court Justice Richard Byers last week.
Thank goodness for dumbass criminals...
On Apr. 4 2006, Hashani Bojaxhi walked into an unidentified quick loan shop in Belleville and attempted to convert $700 in U.S. currency into Canadian money, court was told.

Staff at the location became suspicious of Hashani Bojaxhi’s identity and called police. Before police arrived he and a passenger in his vehicle fled the scene on foot, leaving behind a rented Jeep Grand Cherokee.

A search of the vehicle uncovered $269,000 stuffed into diapers — money that RCMP experts determined was the proceeds of illegal activity.

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An Etobicoke man is under arrest after police on the east coast seized almost 300 kgs of cocaine, police said today.

The illicit drugs had an estimated street value of about $40 million, Durham Regional Police said.

The coke was shipped in boxes of hot sauce and destined for the Carribean International Food Distributors in west-end Toronto.

Mahendrapaul Doodnauth, 45, of Seguin Ct. in Etobicoke was arrested and charged with importing, conspiracy to import and possession with the purpose of trafficking.

"Way back when, my grandpa smuggled in seed wheat...guess a fella has to keep up with the times... yeeesh."


Anonymous said...

You will never beat hard working immigrants like this I tell ya! (real conservative)

mahmood said...

Way back when, my grandpa smuggled in seed wheat...guess a fella has to keep up with the times...yeeesh.

Neo Conservative said...

"mahmood says... my grandpa smuggled in seed wheat"

stop it, stop it, stop it!!!

you've got me jonesin' for dinner rolls.