24 December 2008

So... what's the big deal here?

I mean... Allah's got this one covered... right?


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Major Saudi newspapers have refused to publish the advertisement, apparently because for them, it was too shocking.

The director general of the Saudi advertising agency, behind the campaign, Qaswara al-Khateeb, defended the media drive. "We sometimes forget that those who we deal with - "helpers" - are actually human beings."


Kai said...

be enough to settle the debate:

In January 2007, Mohamed and Sultan were involved in a fight that broke out after a girl’s male cousin accused Sultan of insulting her. The brother demanded an apology, but Sultan refused. Sultan, then 16, said he called for help from Mohamed when he was confronted by several boys over the insult. According to the account of the Kohail brothers, Mohamed Kohail arrived at the school with a male friend to face about a dozen of the girl’s male relatives and friends. But the girl's relatives stated that they were more than 14 guys and a video taken by a schoolgirl from her cellphone proves that the Kohails were more than 14. Some were armed with clubs and knives. A brutal brawl started and according to the victim's cousins, Sultan, Mohamed and another boy grouped on Munzer and beat him to death. The Kohails deny that Munzer died because of the fight but they say that he had heart problems. But the autopsy proved that the victim's heart was in perfect condition and his death was caused by brutal blows to the back of his head, chest and between his legs.[1]`{this information is at odds with most Canadian press, please provide sources and explanation}

Looks like the Kohail brothers were actually spoiling for a fight, bringing along a couple of dozen buddies and some weapons. Let them lose their heads.

Neo Conservative said...

as i said previously over at the "grope & flail"...

why is everybody wiggin' out here? allah ("there is no god but god") has this thing covered.

whatever happens here is "his will"... and a good muslim will celebrate the event however it goes.

chop... no chop... it's all good.