18 December 2008

Divine Right of Kennedy

It's not a question of experience. You often get inexperienced candidates who come out of nowhere. You get rich businessmen and the occasional actor or sports star.

It's a question of entitlement. The only thing she has that makes her somebody to even be considered for this office is pedigree. I mean, I hate to be a good government scold, but I would think that one of the reasons for the American experiment is to abolish the idea of government by pedigree.

Look, Caroline Kennedy is a worthy socialite. But if she wants it, she should run and not accept an appointment. It is OK to run on pedigree, but do it in an election and not in an appointment.


langmann said...

George W Bush, sHillary Clinton, Justin Trudeau, any of the Kennedys... King George IV... Kim Jong-il...

by now you'd think people would have figured out that government by pedigree is a bad idea.

Neo Conservative said...

the sheeple sure do love their celebrities.

the oprah-fication of our lives.


Dave Hodson said...

Maybe if we need people to wake up to the concept of the insanity of these appointments, somebody should start a campaign supporting Paris Hilton for the job! They both come from famous families, and neither one has any experience.

Neo Conservative said...

dave... that truly is the logical end of this insane journey.

i miss the meritocracy.


Philanthropist said...

Sarah Palin was dragged through the mud by 'journalists' and other media celebrities due to her supposed inexperience, where are those people now?