23 December 2008

Making the world a better place

Pop Quiz -- The United Nations is best known for...

-(a)- Preventing despots from pursuing ethnic cleansing & genocide

-(b)- Staring down violent, immoral dictators who harbour terrorists

-(c)- Controlling nuclear proliferation by rogue nations

-(d)- Providing international diplomatic cover for all of the above


roblaw said...

To HofM and it's readers.. a litle challengeI've thrown down this holiday season to prove that we can do some ACTUAL good.. (as opposed to the UN)..

Neo Conservative said...

rob... so, lemme see. you think just throwing more money around is the benchmark of a sane and just society? funny... it hasn't seemed to solve anything so far.

isn't that the dalton mcslippery solution? which, i might add... i am already paying for "in spades".

it's time to turn the crazy train around.

you wanna impress people with your humanity and do actual good... don't just give a junkie some money so he can score another fix... take him home, introduce him to your family, clean him up, and feed him christmas dinner.

but that ain't gonna happen, is it? and who knows the issues involved with this snakepit... better than yourself.

and when you say... "I myself am saddened as well that our PM didn't stand for something more noble than consolidating power"... are you suggesting that the pm should have left open the possibility that these appointments could have been made by the "coalition of the swilling" instead?

just wondering.


roblaw said...

Hey - HofM - trust me, I'm not going to be running out to score a block of heroin to hand out on Hastings.. but, shovelling an elderly neighbor's walk, volunteering to wrap presents for a charity, doing something positive for a group you DO believe in.. doesn't have to be giving money to he homeless.. and I think that, considering he home-run Harper hit when the coalition, well, coalesced - he could have sat back and let he liberals swill from the trough if they got either elected or empowered in the "coalition" - the verbal dressing down of John Turner in '84 still rings in my ears and now rings hollow. How can we cheer on Mulroney for ripping Turner a new ass over Trudeau's appointments during his long walk in the snow.. and then stand back and say, "well, this is diferent?" Just sayin.. oh, and now you've gone and made me all cynical again..

back to point at hand.. do something nice for someone (your mother, wife and children don't count) and post on my blog.. we're neck and neck wih the red..

Neo Conservative said...

rob... i already give two hours a week to a local community organisation. i've done it for the last three - four years. it doesn't, of course, involve handing out taxpayer-funded crack-pipes to heedless, drug-addled junkies.

does that count?

and the senate thing? if it was up to me, it'd be abolished in its pork-barrel entirety. as things currently stand... the pm made the right call.

no choice, no brainer.

don't get me wrong... i respect your right to disagree.

in fact, i just added you to my sidebar faves.

merry xmas.


roblaw said...

..best of the season to you and yours! And I just added you to the tally :)