31 December 2008

Turns out our racist white society...

...is the least of their worries...

When Austin Fuller joined the military shortly before the Second World War, he knew what he signed up for. In a Belleville courtroom earlier this month, however, someone signed the 87-year-old veteran and his wife Catherine up for a fight neither want to be a part of.

According to court documents, the elderly Mohawk couple are named among those who have launched a $3.3-million civil action lawsuit that levels accusations of nepotism, abuse of power and various other conspiracies purported to have been carried out by the Mohawk band council and senior levels of government.

Speaking to The Intelligencer Monday, the couple claim they were never consulted by anyone about joining the lawsuit -- and only found out through the media that they were named as plaintiffs.

"We didn't know a darn thing about it and we never gave anyone permission to use our names in this," said Austin Fuller, who was one of 11 Second World War veterans from the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment to travel to Italy three years ago to pay homage to fallen comrades.

As for the current fight, Austin simply called it "ridiculous."
So what kind of person would drop an elderly couple into the middle of this mess?
The most well-known protester of the group, Shawn Michael Brant, has yet to be taken into custody by police on the reserve -- despite an arrest warrant being issued more than a month ago for his alleged role in the incident.
Of course... Shawn Brant.



Anonymous said...

The sad thing is, the lawsuit is probably a good idea. Many Native bands are incredibly badly run. As usual, the truly needy get shafted by the truly greedy.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry james... have to disagree.

if shawn brant is involved, it isn't about "the greater good".

funny how the tyendinaga aboriginal police can't seem to locate him to serve that warrant, though.


Philanthropist said...

Shawn Brant et al. warn of possible 'fatal injuries' to the children if the police station is located too close to a school.

Is he planning violent attacks?

Neo Conservative said...

"philanthropist says... possible 'fatal injuries' to the children"

brant used the same tactic a couple years back when he blockaded highway 401.

he brought aboriginal children to the barricades and started talking about his people being armed.

i guess he figured it'd be enough to intimidate julian fantino, but it turned out to be a miscalculation.

brant was much more successful at scamming hundreds of thousands of dollars off his own community.

in spite of all this and his criminal record... the lefty msm just loves his law-breakin' ass. go figure.