25 December 2008

BT in loony leftbot crosshairs?

Funny how there's never a Human Rights Commissioner around... when you really need one.


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-- JERUSALEM -- Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert appealed to Gazans to stop attacks on Israel or face a violent response as rockets rained down from Gaza at levels not seen since before a now-expired truce.

“I am telling them now, it may be the last minute, I'm telling them stop it,” Mr. Olmert told the Arabic-language Al-Arabiya TV. “We are stronger.”
Who's actually boarding the crazy train here?

Looks like the CBC doesn't have any doubts...
Apparently... somehow... the rocket-firing terrorists are the aggrieved party here.

Good grief.



kursk said...

It's hard to read the ramblings of the disturbed..

In their universe, nobody has a mind of his (or her) own..we ALL must be so unimaginably stupid and thick, that we just regurgitate talking points..'they' then proceed to trot out every quack and wrong headed revisionist lunatic and far left conspiracy theorist they can lay their hands on.

Keep on waiting for those black helicopters, comrades.

Mutton Chops said...

Thanks for the attention I guess. If he wants to use bandwidth to improve our Google rankings then good for him. I guess he doesn't realize that he is doing more good than damage to us.

Neo Conservative said...

what i don't get is how many of these freaks are from british columbia... must be all that nuclear-strength ganja.


jaycurrie said...

Why yes, NC, yes indeed. Even those of us who don't smoke the stuff have to take seriously BC's number 2 (or perhaps 1) industry which is mercifully free of bailout potential.

Merry Christmas.

Neo Conservative said...

it's reassuring to know that there are constants in this ever-changing world.

for instance... "scratch a socialist... find an anti-semite."

Anonymous said...

Socialist hypocrites have no compassion for anyone, would they still blame 'politics' if their kids were killed in rocket attacks? Or would they blame the guys firing the rockets?

Thucydides said...

Wait a sec; isn't that Richard Warman's Blog? Or maybe the guy who doesn't think Free Speech is a Canadian right?

Only a government bureaucrat would be able to write anything that incoherent....

Neo Conservative said...

well, thucydides... what he lacks in coherence... he makes up for in consistency.


anarchore said...

Socialist?... but that is just another of your 'lines in the sand' that you use to identify the enemy and avoid real discussion.

The 'leftist' bloggers also condemn me for telling the truth about Israel. I mean, they are fine when you denounce Israeli atrocities, but when you point out the inordinate influence that the Israel Lobby has on Canadian politics, literally 'making or breaking' a candidate with their media power. Well that is evil conspiracy kookoo stuff(even if it happens to be the truth, saying such things makes you a bigot, so it must be untrue, or some such doublethink and they denounce it using the talking points as some of you do when questions get uncomfortable/too close to the ugly truth(black helicopters).[So the question is, is the Canadian blogosphere so craven that we are afraid to talk about something that close to home-- is hanging onto the status quo more important than the fact that the country is being taken over by those whose primary allegiance is not to Canada but to terrorist Israel?]

Sorry, but I don't buy into your terms of engagement, or that of a 'political culture' made by 'talking points' and 'opinion makers'.

Maybe some of your thoughts are your own, but perhaps you have a weak philosophical base, and the conviction is lacking. You cheer for your hockey team, but don't really know them.

Of the 400 or so visitors that arrived at zionofascism from this site, none disagreed with me.

I mean I have some pretty outrageous claims just in the right sidebar:

Montreal the Next Terror Target? Watch the Documentary by Mtl911truth

What is the Israel Allies Caucus up to?

FOX NEWS: Israelis Arrested in connection with the 9/11 attacks, then freed under pressure from the ADL

Once you realize Israel is a terrorist state, you can start to put together a reality-based view of world events, one that is a lot scarier than what the TV is showing you, a world where the real terrorists are held in esteem and unfortunately our demagogues and idols are their proteges. That includes Harper[not a conservative!] and Ignatieff[not a liberal!]

These are facts that take a while to process, so it is understandable that one may not comment right away, while one checks the veracity of these stunning claims.

However, there seem to be some strong-willed, 'true believers' here judging by these comments.

Who will be the first of you stalwart guardians of Canadian political conformity to 'debunk' me?

I never delete comments unless obscene, so have at you!

One last thing, HOM, you forgot to post the 195 civilians killed in Israel's latest terror bombings, in response to Hamas' pea-shooter and spud-gun assaults into Israel.

Neo Conservative said...

"anarchore spews... Of the 400 or so visitors that arrived at zionofascism from this site, none disagreed with me."

yup... a "9/11 troofer" too... i'm shocked.

nice essay there, bud... the guys on the romulan mothership will certainly be proud of you.

hey, annie... not to pry, but did it occur to you that folk, in general, tend to shy away from, well... let's just call a spade a spade... crazy people.

and yes, there is obviously a "messianic doomsday cult" out there... and nobody knows that better than you, huh?

you might wanna power up the "cloak of invisibility" now.

just sayin'.


anarchore said...

Of course, I can forgive you for not believing a 'troofer'(I see you have many StopCrime words in your vocabulary, adding to Socialist, Taliban ____, etc, 'troofer' is the most versatile and interesting StopCrime word because it is used by both the 'left and right', when they are confronted with something that burns their brains).

But would Fox News steer ya wrong?


anarchore said...

Here's the link, it got mangled the 1st try:


Neo Conservative said...

"anarchore skywalker says... But would Fox News steer ya wrong?"

seriously, annie? television?

that's the "gold standard" for your big bag-o-conspiracy?

'cos if it's on tv... it's just gotta be the troof, right?