13 December 2008

Here's the rationale...

...behind all those recent "Predator" strikes...

The sole gunman captured in last month's attacks in Mumbai has written to Pakistani officials to ask for legal help after Indian lawyers refused to take his criminal case, police said Saturday.

Mohammed Ajmal Kasab wrote a letter Thursday to the Pakistani consulate to request "legal aid," said Rakesh Maria, Mumbai's chief investigator. He also asked to meet with a representative from the consulate.

According to police, Kasab said he was a Pakistani national and member of the banned militant organization Lashkar-e-Taiba.
With friends like Pakistan... who needs Osama?
Islamabad has refused to acknowledge Kasab's nationality, complaining that India has yet to furnish any evidence.


kursk said...

Don't you just love that those who wish to destroy democracy (and the west..) and are active participants in doing just that..are often the first to welcome the warm embrace of all it has to offer in the way of comfort, medicine, weaponry and legal help, amongst many, many other benefits.

Here is one western convention that the Indian govt should make use of..

A firing squad and a post.

Neo Conservative said...

"kursk says... A firing squad and a post."

trust me, by the time indian military intelligence is finished with this guy... that's precisely what he'll be begging for.

no miranda rights in the third world.