23 December 2008

Churches stand silent & empty...

...as raging, mindless Catholic mobs fan out through cities worldwide... seeking to brutalise homosexuals...

The comments by the Pope were "totally irresponsible and unacceptable" and could provide some with a justification for "gay bashing," said Rev. Sharon Ferguson, the chief executive of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement, in an interview with the BBC.


robins111 said...

Boy oh boy that set them off at the Red Star.

You would have thought he ask people to do something moral.

Anonymous said...

What I find odd about the people demanding "Tolerance" is that they are the most Intolerant .

But lets look at the Militant Gays and Islamists because they both presuppose everyone else is violent and quick to seek revenge.

This brings back an old saying that "A thief is usually the first one to accuse others of stealing".

Think about it .

KC said...

"Militant Gay"? What the hell is a "Militant Gay"?

You rarely hear of gay rights activists advocating the suppression of "Catholic behaviour" and comparing that goal to saving the rainforests. In fact I suspect gay rights activists would have absolutely nothing to say about the Catholic Church if it wasnt constantly admonishing states to oppress them.

Its a lot to ask people to be tolerant of those who were intolerant of them first.

Personally I just simply dont care what Benny thinks.

Neo Conservative said...

"kc says... Its a lot to ask people to be tolerant of those who were intolerant of them first."

hmmm... perhaps defining yourself principally on the basis of who you're poking & licking isn't the best place to start... if you're looking for... cough, cough... tolerance anyway.

but hey, remember... that's just the humble opinion of a solitary "breeder".

and lastly, kc... you really have no idea what anyone might mean by the term militant gay?



KC said...

We must have a different definition of militant. To me a "militant gay" would be advocating for affirmative action for homosexuals or droning on ad nauseum about vague and occasionally imagined systemic oppression.

Defining oneself based on who they "poke and lick" doesnt seem any more or less reasonable than defining yourself based on membership in a historical society revolving around belief in sky fairies and the absolute truth of human written fables and led by men in goofy hats who have an unnatural obsession with private sexual conduct. At least the former are united by centuries of criminalization of their activities.

Anonymous said...

This is how I see it: commies and nazi's used gays to get in power in various regimes around the world. When in power, they murdered the gays. Christ slammed gays for various reasons, but never advocated harm against them. Who are you afraid of? (real conservative)

Neo Conservative said...

"KC says... We must have a different definition of militant."

lemme see...

1 : engaged in warfare or combat : fighting

2 : aggressively active (as in a cause) : combative (militant conservationists) (a militant attitude)

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Joe said...

'Christ slammed gays for various reasons'

He did? Could you please provide a reference for that? The New Testament is quite vague on homosexuality except the say that homosexuals shall not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. In other words if a homosexual desires to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven s/he must give up the homosexual lifestyle. If a homosexual doesn't want to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven - as you were.

Paul said...

Greetings from Celestial Junk!

Consider yourself tagged:


Merry Christmas! ... and all the best in the New Year.

sanwin said...

Actually KC, you've fallen for the usual media spin.

The Pope didn't say anything of the sort indicated by the Press reports.

The press reports says what it THINKS the Pope said, which is something completely different.


Regarding tolerance, gays seem to have a funny concept when it comes to them, It apparently means that we must ONLY accept the gay viewpoint, not doing so would make us intolerant.

As is clearly demonstrated in the uproar over Obama choosing Rick Warren for delivering the invocation address.

Keep your sexuality and your agenda inside your pants. We don't need to know about it.

Neo Conservative said...

you know, kc... i couldn't eat a raisin to save my life... does that make me grape-o-phobic?


James Higham said...

I'm not Catholic but what he said seemed to make sense to me.