30 December 2008

Winning hearts & minds... yet again

So Brenda... you're unhappy with the outcome here... when do we get our money back?

-- via ORATO -- The Canadian woman who threatened suicide to get out of a Mexican jail says she misses the beach and would happily return to Mexico if she could. "I could say right now that if the Mexican government was to give me a pardon, I would go back,"

The Correctional Service of Canada then chartered a private plane to bring her home — at a reported cost of $82,000.

Shockingly, Martin wrote, after being repatriated to Canada by federal authorities, her short stay at the Grand Valley Institution for Women, near Kitchener, Ont., made her long for a return to her Mexican jail cell.

Martin is currently on parole, living at her mother's home in Trenton, Ont.


Crazy Mamma said...

Brenda Martin is an ungrateful lying sack of cow dung..No insult intended to-wards the cow lovers of the world. especially my Hindu friends... Oh it's just getting so darned hard to insult anybody anymore..I'll have to practice harder/faster/stronger....

Anonymous said...

Does Roy Green know what she's up to?

He was her biggest cheerleader back then.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! But of course "Big Paulie" made a special side trip to hold her hand and to cluck about those "terrible Conservatives"
Cheers Bubba

Joanne (True Blue) said...

She misses the beach. *sniff*

Alberta Girl said...

I would love to know what Roy Green thinks of this - he sent me a nasty little note in response to my email; chastising me for being a partisan Harper supporter.

Looks like I have the last laugh!!!

I hope he mentions something on his show this weekend and I hope that he gets swamped with emails.

Bec said...

The country is united at last all thanks to, Brenda Martin!

It feels good to call someone on their crap, get trampled,only to find out, you had it pegged.

She had BS USER, written all over her face each and every time.

Good going Opposition, glad that you are so perceptive about reading people.
Whoops, you have already proven that point.....

unambig said...

She sure conned me. But I can only be conned once. Enjoy Mexico Brenda. Don't come callin' here again.

And just think, she'll probably start crying and become suicidal soon if she doesn't get her way.

Neo Conservative said...

gotta say... it seemed pretty obvious to me.

did she really not get anybody elses "spidey sense" tingling?

shallow... criminal... freakish and ungrateful.


Philanthropist said...

Maybe the 'investments' she made with her fraud-convicted former boss will pay off and she'll pay back Canadian taxpayers?

kursk said...

C'mon people,how can anybody actually say they believed her sob story?

Honey Pot said...

You guys are being tough on her.

The beauty pagents in the Canadian institutes are much harder to win, than the ones in Mexico.

The prison guards here are not allowed to get drunk before they vote.

Imagine how poor Brenda feels, the belle of the ball in her Mexican jail, and nothing more than a celebrity welfare recipient, here in Canada.