24 December 2008

United States of... what?

"Michael has been involved in the Liberal Party for over forty years."
Of course, it was a bit of a long distance relationship...
"Ignatieff lived in the United Kingdom from 1978 to 2000 and in the United States from 2000 to August 2005."
Nudge, nudge... wink, wink



Alberta Girl said...

As I sit here at my daughter's while everyone else is still asleep; I am cruising through the computer and through some of the links and pdf's I had saved for reading at a later date (what better time than xmas eve!!).

Anyhoooo - one of those things I saved is Michael Ignatieff's Vision for Canada - a 42 page tome of his royal highness' ramblings about what role the Liberal party of Canada holds in modern day Canada (of course; most of his references end anywhere from 2003 to 2006; his environmental references go from 1990-2003; I guess the last five years don't count, huh Micheal.

I did make it through; all the while thinking that it all sounds so motherhood and apple pie sprinkled with lots of big words (to make it sound important) and airy fairy promises.

Of course there is the usual denigrating the Conservatives for where they have taken Canada and how they have torn down what the Liberal party built...er promised to build.

The thing that really got me was how he described where the Liberal party stands amongst the various political parties in Canada, describing it as

"Many strands contributed to Canadian progressivism:
Prairie radicalism, the CCF and NDP, the women’s movement and red Toryism. But the dominant strand has been the Liberal tradition that descends from Wilfrid Laurier. I draw my deepest convictions from its enduring achievements: sustaining a spine of equal citizenship for all
Canadians, promoting prosperity for all our people and
providing farsighted international leadership.

Prairie radicalism.....hmmmm I guess by that he means the current CPC party.

I am sure this document will form the basis of what we hear over the next while - passages will be quoted; statements will become brand statements for the next campaign.

This is all about whitewashing the Liberal party and starting anew - new leader, new party, new vision for the country. This is about creating Canada's Obama.

Mark my words!

Neo Conservative said...

i'm sure the fiberals under iggy will be performing up to their usual impeccable standards...

"The best moment had to be when Duffy said... 'The liberals are so screwed up, they're stabbing each other in the front'."


Neo Conservative said...

"liberal supporter aka cc-nonymous whines... yet here we're not allowed..."

whaddaya mean "WE" goofus?

there is no we... it's just ignorant, pottymouth you.

regardless... you just can't stay away, can you? poor little "eleanor rigby"

-- deleted --


langmann said...

Hey Lib Sup-

Speaking as someone very familiar with what Nazis can do to a family, you, sir, know nothing about real Nazis.

You want to argue against some of Neo's ideas, fine, present some real evidence, and some references from believable sources.

But cut the Nazi crap, its weak and makes you sound as stupid as you are.

langmann said...

As to Iggy, as I said before, while in Britain, I was watching one of his silly shows with a certain Brit, who turned to me and said, "What an arrogant pus, this Ignatieff is." What the media never mentions is that the Brits got tired of Iggy and cancelled his shows.

And that's Iggy summed up perfectly. Somehow this guy has without producing anything of real substance, risen to the top of the socialist heap. He's lauded by the very people who laud useless-isms.

Now he's back in Canada because becoming PM is the only real shot he has at being a person of importance. Otherwise as we have seen from his extended absence, he cares little about what he can do for Canada. Only about what Canada can do for him, if I may borrow a phrase...

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, folks... liberal supporter aka cc-nonymous lost his commenting privileges a while ago.

perhaps he can take his puerile yada-yada over to rabble... i betcha they'll just eat it up.

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