10 November 2008

I guess it's true what they say...

...you can't pick your family...

One of Osama Bin Laden's sons is in Qatar after being deported from Egypt and Spain following failed asylum bids.

Omar Bin Laden, 27, has said he does not share his father's views and has not seen him since 2000.

His British wife, Zaina Alsabah Bin Laden (formerly Jane Felix-Browne) said their condemnation of al-Qaeda had put their lives in danger in the Mid-East.


langmann said...

Question is:

Did they deport him because they don't trust anything to do with Osama? Or did they deport him because secretly he pisses them off by condemming Osama?

Or both?

I'm willing to trade him for the Khadrs.

maryT said...

Has he tried Canada.

Anonymous said...

Osama has bred quite a few cattle, also known as Muslim wives, if the rest of us should harbour guilt due to our European DNA - they should be considered guilty as well, send'em to Pakistan.