16 September 2008

Chaos reigned

"Chaos and madness reigned. Everybody ran, away from the shots."
Well... not exactly everybody.



Watch how CC attempts to skew the conversation, this time surprisingly, without actually throwing in the N-word...



Well, CC... that's so interesting. I sorta imagined you'd be the last person on earth to be an advocate of censorship.

Looks like I was wrong, huh?

Boy... I'm really looking forward to your outraged letter to the editor of that racist Globe and Mail.

Sooooo, anyway... what other things are people not allowed to talk about? You must have a list or something, right?

Hey... if you're not too busy ironing all your brown shirts... maybe you and Dawg had better stick with what you know and love.


UPDATE: Hey, CC... impeccable timing...

...are we allowed to talk about this one?
Globe and Mail Update - September 16, 2008 at 1:52 PM EDT

An unidentified male is in serious condition in Sunnybrook hospital and police are hunting at least one gunman after a mid-morning shooting inside a Toronto high school.

Reports said he had been shot in the abdomen and that a second student had also been stabbed.

Police from Scarborough's 41 Division were manning a command post outside Bendale Business and Technical Institute, on Midland Avenue near Lawrence Avenue.
And, oops... wait a minute...
A shooting in the Malton area of Mississauga has left one man dead, in a day of gun violence.

The incident occurred before 4 p.m. on Reindeer Road, a residential area north of the intersection of Airport and Derry Roads, Patterson said.
I guess this one's off limits too, huh?


UPDATE2: Holy crap... more gunplay in Hogtown...
A shooting at the playground area of an apartment building in the Jane and Finch area has left two people wounded, one with life-threatening injuries.

Toronto Police Service Const. Tony Vella told ctvtoronto.ca on Tuesday that the call came in about 5:12 p.m.
More racist news coverage... Dawg and CC are gonna be so pissed.



Unknown said...

CC is in need of an intervention, even his apologists are having a hard time apologising for him.

Anonymous said...

"brown shirts", eh?


Neo Conservative said...

"bcf says... even his apologists..."

the dawg rolled over and played dead?

last i saw... he was right there... marching in lockstep with the cynic.


Anonymous said...

The news report I heard, said the subject had "dark skin"...

maybe they meant he had a tan.

Neo Conservative said...

it's a little difficult to decode what the msm and the leftosphere are actually saying these days.

for example... dr dawg is constantly making references to these mysterious "beige people"... which actually, uh... kinda describes, well... me.

it's so confusing.


Neo Conservative said...

"Wonder Woman says... The news report I heard..."

boy... i sure hope dawg and canadian cynic don't forget to rage at the racist toronto sun.

"The first suspect is a black male, 15 to 18 years old, 5-foot-7 to 5-foot-10, with a skinny build, black sweater, black baseball cap he was wearing backwards, and clean shaven. He was believed to be carrying a handgun."

"The second suspect is a male, possibly mulato, 15 to 18 years old, 6-feet, wearing a grey sweater, with a thing moustache and beard line."

issuing a description of the suspects... why, that's outrageous!!!


Anonymous said...

Cdn. Cesspool boy who isn't sj walter, who isn't dfriesen but who is clearly an anti-semite attempts to camouflage his hatred for jooos with that thing he calls "snark"...I bet the boy's dawg ate his homework a time or two.

Say, doesn't that jooo-loving Professor Mohamed Elmasry hail from Waterloo?...well that's convenient for the boy, a couple of bed sheets, a burning cross and whoooeee!, the fellers got themselves a meeting, fun times in Waterloo.

Anonymous said...

I think it is about time the black community in Toronto steps up to the plate and takes charge of their children.

What in hell is wrong with them that they think they can get a pass on the laws of the land because of their skin color.

They must be getting sick of burying their kids, and crying to the newspapers how whitey is oppressing them, and making them kill each other.

Neo Conservative said...

"Honey Pot says... must be getting sick of burying their kids"

sorry... i have to cut this off here... you and i are not part of the designated demographic allowed to use statistical evidence to allege discriminatory treatment here in uber-socialist canada.

i'm afraid that prerogative... (and you can ask dr dawg if you don't believe me)... is a one way street.

right, d?


Anonymous said...

There has to be a leader in the black community in Toronto that has shaken the shackles of victimhood, bestowed on them by the left-lib socialist.

What is the alternative if the black community can't confront this killing culture of their own making?

Being perpetual victims is just plain stupid, and the sympathy factor has worn off. Get the lead out of your asses, and confront it. Their self pity has consumed them, and will destroy the future for their children.