22 September 2008

"He called in the spooks"

Can waterboarding be far behind?

Once again, with a little help from the Globe... Canadian Press unmasks the scary, tyrannical villain...

One of the messages suggests Mr. Harper's recognition of Kosovo's independence could lead to Quebec sovereignty.
And, of course, the guy who actually perpetrated the fraud... why, he's just a loveable prankster...
The "jokesters" would not necessarily have needed to hack into government computers to perform their stunt; all they would have required was the listserv's e-mail address.
Media bias... what media bias?!

Steve Janke takes a look at it from another angle.



Anonymous said...

Left wing criminals hacked into Sarah Palin's e-mail and now the same kind of criminals are trying to copy their work in Canada.

Fascist left wingers would be howling with outrage if that happened to one of their glorious leaders, perhaps it hasn't because it would be hard for a rational person to say anything dumber than their leaders already say, so there's no point.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... left wingers would be howling with outrage"

the globe and mail already took their shot... implying harper is unleashing the full might of the canadian intelligence establishment on these poor, helpless "jokesters".

media bias? what media bias?